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Monthly Archives: December 2014

What we listened to this year

2014 was a weird year. We traveled to North Dakota (I tweeted a lot), ran half a marathon, played a lot of ping pong, then graduated from Medill. Mike moved to New York, and Tim moved home. Through it all, one thing was constant—music. I saw

Goodbye Stephen: The brilliance of the breaks

This isn’t a think piece about the Colbert Report’s final episode. Not another one. Not another summary of Stephen Colbert’s impact because we get it. He meant a lot, and, man, looking back, he did a lot. There was nothing like him, like that character.

Writing for nobody in particular

It takes a lot to get words out, when nobody is telling you what to do. It’s a long process. While you’re doing it, it’s damn hard. Let’s get a bit meta here about that last sentence. I decided “damn” would do when an f-bomb