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Ode to Beast Mode

I’m sitting here watching football and I’m thinking about running backs. Specifically how many “bell cow” backs are left? By my count 11, maybe 12, backs get the overwhelming bulk of their team’s carries. If you play fantasy football, you know running back is a

Morning pages

Remember that time I called this place a thought collection bin. Well, here goes. Writers are supposed to do something called morning pages, where you push forward, writing whatever comes to mind and that clears your head for the day. I’ve never tried that before,

Why Romo should sit on Sunday

I’ve been grappling with how timely these posts should be. If I were a hardcore newsperson, or a dedicated sports news blogger, I would always want a hook to my stories. It would be about the now. But The Tumult won’t be about just that,

Testing Nick Foles: Mark Sanchez as placebo

The Eagles lost Nick Foles to injury. He’s got a cracked collarbone and might be out the rest of the regular season. I’ve grown up an Eagles fan, so as some kind of sports writer, it is my duty to comment on the quarterback going

Confessions of a non-voter

A confession: I didn’t vote yesterday in the midterm elections. If anyone ever reads this, I’m running the risk of being called a bad citizen, a bad American, or, you know, whatever else. Let me be clear, I’m not defending not voting; this is, in

On the purity of golf

The body pulls back, coiled straight, then the angled arms start to cut the air downward, club in hand, eyes focused on the tiny white ball, unmoving, but impossible to dictate. But once in a while, for a golfer like me, the head of the