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Shake it off, Ted Cruz

I saw this on Reddit the other day and I thought I’d write something about how it seemed like a great idea for ESPN. But I didn’t, because I got distracted by nice weather and enjoying my last few days of having nothing to do.

Running while fat

A few years ago, right after Thanksgiving, I felt really fat. I mean, I always knew I was fat – I had been as long as I can remember, but Thanksgiving had made things worse. My button-down shirts had stopped buttoning-down so easily. So I decided

Morning pages

Remember that time I called this place a thought collection bin. Well, here goes. Writers are supposed to do something called morning pages, where you push forward, writing whatever comes to mind and that clears your head for the day. I’ve never tried that before,

Confessions of a non-voter

A confession: I didn’t vote yesterday in the midterm elections. If anyone ever reads this, I’m running the risk of being called a bad citizen, a bad American, or, you know, whatever else. Let me be clear, I’m not defending not voting; this is, in

Does the sophomore slump exist in music?

This article originally appeared on Medium, but we wanted to get some content up here. Imagine being in Mumford & Sons. You formed a band, successfully co-opted another country’s musical history, and managed to produce a Grammy-winning record. You got to play with Bob Dylan


We’re launching soon, but here are some thoughts from co-founder Tim on what we’re all about. Stay tuned, internet.