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Control, golf and big money championships

I stood at the 17th tee Monday, squinting at the fairway of the 417-yard par 4. A left miss is preferred, with more space before going out of bounds, and just a light dotting of trees. The right side is tight. Three long bunkers line

Ode to Beast Mode

I’m sitting here watching football and I’m thinking about running backs. Specifically how many “bell cow” backs are left? By my count 11, maybe 12, backs get the overwhelming bulk of their team’s carries. If you play fantasy football, you know running back is a

Running while fat

A few years ago, right after Thanksgiving, I felt really fat. I mean, I always knew I was fat – I had been as long as I can remember, but Thanksgiving had made things worse. My button-down shirts had stopped buttoning-down so easily. So I decided

Breaking down the NFL’s arrest record

Football is violent. That’s part of the reason we love it. We probably encourage the violence a bit too much, but that is the state of the sport in 2014. It probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that NFL players seem to

Invincible Blues

One of the great things about starting a site is that no one can tell you what to write about. Well, apart from Tim, I guess. I want to talk as objectively as I can about a subject very close to my heart: Chelsea Football

Two footballs, one city

Today, the NFL announced the next series of games to be played at Wembley Stadium in London, and one lispy Englishman was rather displeased. Roy Hodgson, the manager of the England national soccer team, has criticized the scheduling of the matches, as one game falls

Why Romo should sit on Sunday

I’ve been grappling with how timely these posts should be. If I were a hardcore newsperson, or a dedicated sports news blogger, I would always want a hook to my stories. It would be about the now. But The Tumult won’t be about just that,

Testing Nick Foles: Mark Sanchez as placebo

The Eagles lost Nick Foles to injury. He’s got a cracked collarbone and might be out the rest of the regular season. I’ve grown up an Eagles fan, so as some kind of sports writer, it is my duty to comment on the quarterback going