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Now everyone can pretend to be George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air’

Here’s a funny thing: it looks like Marriott sent out an offer to new hires at Deloitte to give them free Platinum Elite status for a year, but they forgot to lock the offer to just Deloitte hires.

I do not work for Deloitte, and yet I’ll now get free WiFi and late checkout if I book a stay at a Marriott hotel in the next year. I’m gonna be swimming in worthless hotel bonus points.

I wonder if this will go viral, and if Marriott will honor all the non-Deloitte signups they’re bound to get?

I used to do this kind of work for a company very similar to Marriott and this probably would’ve been a very bad day for me if I pushed this out for all the internet to use. Sorry, Marriott Rewards website guy, you’re probably going to need a vacation after today. I hear there’s some really good deals on Marriott hotels right now.

Update 5:11pm: It looks like Marriott has fixed the flaw. Bummer for everyone who didn’t get their free Platinum Elite status. It remains to be seen whether Marriott will honor those who did sign up. It was fun while it lasted.

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